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    Urban Youth Fund 2014 winners announced

    By on 10/13/2014
    Promotion of Micro Concrete Roofing [MCR] Tiles through skill training of Youths for Sustainable Employment generation in Balaghat, India (c) Community Development Centre/Devesh Agrawal

    Promotion of Micro Concrete Roofing [MCR] Tiles through skill training of Youths for Sustainable Employment generation in Balaghat, India (c) Community Development Centre/Devesh Agrawal

    Nairobi 13 October 2014—On the occasion marking this year’s World Habitat Day, UN-Habitat has announced the 2014 winners of the Urban Youth Fund.

    A total of 22 youth-led organizations from 18 countries have been selected for the Urban Youth Fund program in 2014. The projects will receive financial support as well as training and capacity building and follow-up throughout the duration of the project.

    The selected initiatives include: land reforms for the indigenous people of Chile; the support of youth living with disabilities in Egypt; waste management; housing rights; vocational training and micro-finance; and climate change education and capacity building.  Especially impressive are the projects that combine different urban development issues and engage with local governments, the private sector and other actors to ensure the long-term sustainability of the projects.  Through the involvement of regional offices in the selection process, UN-Habitat hopes to develop closer synergies this year between the Urban Youth fund and its overall work program.

    The India Youth Fund Window is a partnership between UN-Habitat and the Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation (NSF) under the Global Urban Youth Fund.  The funding window aims to advance youth empowerment in India. 

    This year the Fund received applications from youth-led organizations in 91 countries. Applications received went through a thorough competitive evaluation process, including a check of eligibility, a quality assessment, shortlisting, vetting by Habitat Program Managers and a final selection of projects by the Steering Committee.  The selected projects were then approved by the Advisory Committee. The winners for the 2014 Urban Youth Fund award represent a diverse and talented display of work from global youth.

    Notably, the Fund has grown to encompass new geographic locations, including the Maldives and post- conflict areas, such as Somalia where youth will implement a project encouraging participation gearing towards sustainable development. These proposed projects are envisioned to provide solutions to socio-economic issues that face young people with an aim to provide employment for and increase the participation of young people in urban governance, urban agriculture and climate change.

    All of the beneficiaries have also ensured equal participation of young men and women in their projects, as well as impact on gender responsiveness. This will be followed by continuous training to the youth groups on implementation with the aim of ensuring that the intended project goals and objectives are met

    Below is a list of projects of 2014 Urban Youth Fund winners.

    List of winners:

    Africa Region


    Organization Name


    French Speaking Countries




    Demain La Vie


    Fikambanan’ny Ambanivohitra Miasa iray Aina


    Cercle des Jeunes Femmes du Kivu


    Gender related projects



    Walta Mothers Children Health Care Organization 


    Young African Refugees for Integral Development


    Other Projects

    Social Care Youth Initiative



    Asia Pacific region

    Organization Name


    Gender-related project

    Center for Supporting Sustainable Development of


    Other projects



    Model Community Development Society


    Transparency Maldives


    Joshua Welfare Organization


    Institute for Future



    Latin America Projects

    Description of project

    Organization Name


    Gender  related project

    Asociación Colectivo Mujeres Constructoras de Condega


    Other projects




    Corporación de Profesionales Construyendo Ciudadanía






    Desarrollo Juvenil del Norte, A.C



    Arab States

    Organization Name


    Healthy Egyptians Association for development


    Karama Organization for Women and Children Development 





    India Window

    Name or Organization


    Science for society


    People for parity foundation


    Integrated people’s service society (IPSS)

    Kallapuram Tamil Nadu,

    Sun shine and health and social welfare society

    New Delhi 

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