Urban Youth Fund

The UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund makes grants for and develops the capacity of urban youth-led organizations implementing community projects which contribute to sustainable urbanization and economic prosperity. The Fund supports over 200 youth-led projects in at least 50 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

The objective of the model project is to strengthen the capacities of international, national, and city authorities and youth groups. These groups will then be better equipped to improve youth employment and living conditions, to reduce vulnerabilities and, consequently, contribute towards overall national development. The project will assist youth-led organizations to initiate and manage projects and will educate these groups about effective practices in youth-led development projects (including fundraising). It also aims to increase awareness amongst policy makers and donors of the need to mainstream youth in development policies and strategies.

At the national (client) level, when a request is received, UN-Habitat facilitates the establishment of an Urban Youth Fund at the national or city level as well as the transparent selection of beneficiary youth groups. Selected youth groups then receive intensive training in project management, including financial management and monitoring and evaluation in order to ensure successful project implementation.

Through the youth-led “laboratory” projects such as the UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund, the agency is increasing opportunities for the urban youth in developing countries to improve living conditions for themselves and their communities.

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