United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities (UNACLA)

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UNACLA was established by the Governing Council Resolution 17/18 of 1999 as an advisory body that would serve the purpose of strengthening the dialogue of the UN System with local authorities from all over the world involved in the implementation of the Habitat Agenda. Within the years, the Committee has established itself as a representational body of the main local government networks with their purpose to bring their voice and perspectives to the United Nations System and to contribute to the implementation of the main global agendas in their local dimension.

UNACLA is supported by UN-Habitat and UCLG, United Cities and Local Governments, the major world organization gathering local governments and their national and regional associations. UNACLA works on a representative manner, its members bringing the consensus position previously adopted by the respective networks. The organizations member of UNACLA represent around 323.000 institutions at all scales, from small towns, to local authorities in small island states, to intermediate cities and big metropolis.


The main purpose of UNACLA today is to bring together local governments close to the newly established global agendas, making them more aware of their important role to achieve sustainable development, The new development agendas cannot be possible without the establishment of wide partnerships, including the contribution of all levels of governments, social and economic stakeholders and the citizens that these institutions are here to serve.

  • Membership: 20 members in total. 10 members will represent the regional sections of UCLG as well as its regional and metropolitan sections.  The remaining 10 members will be appointed within the membership of the Global Taskforce of local and regional governments as well as the remaining most representative networks.
  • Reporting– UNACLA Secretariat, in consultation with its members, will make a yearly report to the Executive Director of UN-Habitat, who will take its recommendations into account within the biannual reporting to the UN Secretary-General and to the UN-Habitat Governing Council.

For more information, please contact governance@unhabitat.org

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