Nairobi, 25 April 2017--UN-Habitat, Placemakers, the Project for Public Spaces and the International New Town Institute are organising an Urban Thinkers Campus event on the topic of the 'city we need' and its relationhip to safe, inclusive and accessible public spaces, at the UN Nairobi compound, 3-4 May 2017. The Urban Thinkers Campus will focus on the implementation of public spaces through participatory urban processes, like placemaking. Good quality public spaces are excellent starting points for improving the standards of urban life for all citizens. They are a symbol of important aspects of a city, such as safety, health, and the local economy. In the Sustainable Development Goals, public spaces have been recognised as a crucial element for achieving sustainable human settlements.

The organising partners ground this Urban Thinkers Campus on their co-creation experiences from the public space project Making Cities Together (Nairobi) and other international projects. The event will offer participants the opportunity to actively engage in dialogues, living labs and networking sessions - learn-by-doing. We will answer the question how you and your organisation can contribute to implementation of public space interventions as be a tool for regenerating and planning neighbourhoods and cities worldwide.

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