Surabaya, Indonesia - UN-Habitat has conducted a capacity building workshop on Fundamentals of Urbanization: implementing the New Urban Agenda in Surabaya, Indonesia for high-level Indonesian officials drawn from 25 cities representing national and local governments.

Drawing on material produced by the Global Sample of 200 Cities, the City Prosperity Initiative (CPI) and a training companion Fundamentals of Urbanization, UN-Habitat offered thematic modules in planned city extension, housing, urban mobility, slum upgrading and climate change for promoting capacity and knowledge on evidence-based and data-driven integrated urban management and planning practices.

The workshop provided a platform for city-to-city exchange and peer-to-peer learning through 11 case studies presented by participants and the delivery of 8 training modules with exercises and examples of best practices. A full-day field trip to the Development Planning Agency of Surabaya City, the now rehabilitated slum of Kampung, public housing facilities in Penjaringan sari and other areas of interest exposed participants to hands-on examples of successful initiatives which greatly inspired participants.

The Mayor of Surabaya and recipient of the 2018 UN-Habitat’s Scroll of Honour award, Mrs. Tri Rismaharini shared successful practices on sustainable urban initiatives undertaken with her leadership, linking them to the SDGs.

The on-site evaluation at the end of the workshop indicated that participants’ expectations were met, with many of them sharing the tangible ways in which the course would impact positively on their work.