Loger les Pauvres dans les Villes Africaines-Guide de Formation du Facilitateur

Le présent Guide du facilitateur préparé par ONU-Habitatet l’Alliance des villes accompagne la série des Guidespratiques pour les décideurs politiques : loger les pauvresdans les villes africaines. Ce Guide du facilitateur estfourni avec une clé USB contenant la série des Guidespratiques, des présentations PowerPoint sur chaqueGuide pratique, et des vidéos à utiliser dans le cadre desactivités de formation. Disponible en anglais.

Quick Guide 2: Low-income Housing

This Quick Guide 2 describes several ways of addressing low-income housing in African cities at the programme and project level. It focuses on well tried methods of improving the housing and living environments of people living in slums and informal settlements, and providing adequate housing for future generations of urban poor.

Quick Guide 3: Land , A crucial element in housing the urban poor

This Quick Guide 3 looks at the different forms of land tenure which operate in African cities and examines some of the problems and benefits of these different land tenure systems.

It discusses how land is supplied, valued, financed and sold in the formal market, how this formal market is failing to make secure, appropriate land available to their cities' low-income populations, and why the majority of Africa's urban poor are being forced to obtain land for their housing through informal land markets.

Quick Guide 4: Eviction , Alternatives to the destruction of urban poor communities

This Quick Guide 4 explores how communities facing eviction have organized themselves, and drawn on the support of community-based networks and institutions in Africa and globally to find alternatives to the destruction of their settlements.

The guide presents guidelines to help governments and policy makers to develop better formal procedures to minimize evictions and to ensure that resettlement, if inevitable, follows international standards.

Quick Guide 5: Housing Finance , Ways to help the poor pay for housing

The objective of this Quick Guide is to introduce some of the key concepts of housing finance and to provide a quick overview of how a housing finance system works.

The guide presents information about both the formal and informal systems of housing finance and suggests ways in which the two can be better integrated. It sets out the different kinds of housing finance, and offers tips for policy makers to enhance access to affordable housing finance especially by the urban poor.

Quick Guide 8: Local government , Addressing urban challenges in a participatory and integrated way

This Quick Guide 8 provides a brief overview of local government in Africa, and the urban challenges (and opportunities) that local government bodies need to respond to.

The guide shows how physical development, economic development and social development need to go hand in hand in order for interventions to be effective and sustainable. Some key tools for local governments to use when adopting these approaches are presented.