Good Housing Makes a Good City - Carlos Zedillo

The lecture seeks to highlight the impact of the housing sector on the development of cities and the attainment of the Sustainability Developments Goals (SDGs). It will also unveil the state of housing in Mexico and its opportunities and challenges for compliance with the 2030 Agenda.

AUDIO: Carlos Zedillo - "Good Housing Makes a Good City"


The Urban Informal Economy – Alison Brown

This lecture examines how precarious urban livelihoods in the informal economy can be transformed by innovative and rights-based approaches to urban policy, contributing to economic and social inclusion, and recovery in crisis-affected cities.


AUDIO: Alison Brown - The Urban Informal Economy


Issues which the lecture addresses

"Mobility of Care" – Ines Sanchez de Madariaga

The Mobility of Care: Introducing Gender-Aware Concepts in Transportation Planning aims at providing a better understanding of travel patterns of women and men, by taking into account the travel implications of daily tasks performed by individuals with care responsibilities.


AUDIO: Ines Sanchez de Madariaga - “Mobility of Care”


"Cities and the New Climate Economy: The Role of Urban Form and Transport" - Philipp Rode

Philipp Rode in this lecture presents the findings of the cities research programme of the Commission’s New Climate Economy (NCE) project which LSE Cities is co-leading. The overall aim of NCE is to provide independent and authoritative evidence on the relationship between actions which can strengthen economic performance and those which reduce the risk of dangerous climate change.


"Coproducing for sustainable cities" - Diana Mitlin

Diana Mitlin from University of Manchester in this lecture argue that coproduction is an essential component of an inclusive urban agenda

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AUDIO: Diana Mitlin - Coproducing for sustainable cities


World Cities Report 2016: Urbanization and Development - Emerging Futures

The analysis of urban development of the past twenty years presented in this maiden edition of the World Cities Report shows, with compelling evidence, that there are new forms of collaboration and cooperation, planning, governance, finance and learning that can sustain positive change. The Report unequivocally demonstrates that the current urbanization model is unsustainable in many respects.

Loger les Pauvres dans les Villes Africaines-Guide de Formation du Facilitateur

Le présent Guide du facilitateur préparé par ONU-Habitatet l’Alliance des villes accompagne la série des Guidespratiques pour les décideurs politiques : loger les pauvresdans les villes africaines. Ce Guide du facilitateur estfourni avec une clé USB contenant la série des Guidespratiques, des présentations PowerPoint sur chaqueGuide pratique, et des vidéos à utiliser dans le cadre desactivités de formation. Disponible en anglais.