"The federation model of community organizing" - Sheela Patel, Slum Dwellers International

In the past two decades through a process called “Enumeration” through which the members collect at city level data about slums, Slum Dwellers International have created a mechanism which serves to create a city wide network of urban informal settlements with the intention of the dwellers to see themselves as part of a larger subsection of the city, whose needs have been neglected and whose voice has to reach the city and the national government.


Asset-Based Approach to Community Development and Capacity Building


This report consists of five parts. Part one traces the origins of the debates surrounding conventional and alternative approaches to community development, against the broader backdrops of ‘need vs. asset’ and ‘people vs. place’ distinctions. Part two outlines the distinct perspectives of these two schools of thought on community development. Part three explores the barriers to asset-based approaches to community development.