The Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation Branch aims to increase the resilience of cities in the face of the impacts of natural and human-made crises. It also assists governments and local authorities in managing catastrophes through its disaster response services and early recovery programmes. The key areas of work include the prevention, protection, and early recovery of basic services and critical infrastructure, to allow for a quick restoration of transport, water, and sanitation systems when disaster strikes. This also includes immediate support for health, education, and governance systems. Prevention activities focus on the adoption and enforcement of better land use planning and building codes, as well as facilitating compliance through training and capacity building.

Head: Mr. Andre Dzikus

  • Shelter Rehabilitation Unit (ShRU)
  • Settlements Rehabilitation Unit (SRU)
  • Risk Reduction Unit (URRU)

 Programmes, initiatives & networks:

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Aftermath of floods in Pakistan. © UN-Habitat