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Report: Urban Safety - Safety for all

The inspiration for the Johannesburg conference came in 1996 during the Vancouver conference on crime prevention for practitioners. It was realised that South Africa had an important role to play in the international crime prevention debate, both as an example of successful initiatives, and as a learning opportunity for South Africans to become better informed about developments in crime prevention internationally.

The result was the second international conference for crime prevention practitioners, Urban Safety – Safety for All. This publication is a representation of the proceedings. It has been structured around summaries of papers in order to assist practitioners to find specific issues. Thus, the structure is thematic, based on the elements of crime prevention: crime information, the roles of national and local government, the police, communities and partnerships, and monitoring and implementation.

The aim of the report is to provide an overview of what is being done in crime prevention and by whom, in the hope that it will generate more discussion and debate to further the development of crime prevention strategies in countries around the world.