About the Compendium

A collection of innovative solutions (tools, mobile applications, digital platforms, reports, trainings, guidelines, etc.) that contribute to improving quality of life in cities and regions. These solutions are developed around the world at the national and local levels by government agencies, international institutions, NGOs, research institutions, private companies, etc.

This compendium aims to provide a reference of digital-based solutions developed to improve quality of life in cities especially for marginalized people and communities. It includes solutions or initiatives developed at the global, national, subnational or local level. The aim is to develop a database of solutions, and stakeholders engaged in building a better urban future for everyone through innovation and technology.


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Project supervisor: Leandry JIEUTSA

Platform development: Solomon Karani Imujaro

Peer reviewers and editing: Pontus Westerberg; Lisa Reudenbach; Livia Nonose; Abdinassir Shale Sagar; Melissa Permezel; Isabel Wetzel; Natalia Rodriguez; Frederic Happi Mangoua; Andres Vecchio; Yigang Li; Roberta Maio.