They’re 1.6 billion people worldwide living in inadequate conditions, many due to a lack of affordability in the market. While many States are making progress in establishing new and innovative urban policies, there’s still a need for a paradigm shift in thinking and practice in housing policy, especially as it relates to housing finance.  The Global Housing Strategy aims to manage this paradigm shift as a collaborative global movement towards adequate housing for all and improving access to housing in general. The strategy’s primary objective is to assist member States in working towards the realization of the right to adequate and affordable housing.

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The success of the Global Housing Strategy is due in part to successful partnerships, particularly with local authorities and implementing partners. Through the Global Housing Strategy, UN-Habitat mobilises diverse partners who contribute to realization of the right to adequate housing. The present Rental Housing Scheme Pilot Project in Somalia serves as a great example of partnership between UN-Habitat, the European Union and the Banaadir Regional Authority. The project endeavours to provide 300 IPD households with durable housing solutions.

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