Stakeholder Engagement

The UN-Habitat Executive Director established the Stakeholder Advisory Group Enterprise, SAGE, in May 2019 to advise the organization on stakeholder engagement in strategies, policies, knowledge, advocacy, and programmes to improve living conditions for all in an urbanizing world. SAGE provides a mechanism to strengthen innovative and effective of stakeholder engagement as stakeholders play a crucial role in implementing the New Urban Agenda and the urban dimensions of the SDGs. The advisory role by the SAGE will be on technical and financial perspectives as guided by the stakeholder collaborative implementation framework and as requested by the Executive Director.

SAGE is composed of 16 members who have professional experience in sustainable urban development and in coordinating multi-stakeholder engagement. Every two years, eight new members are selected to succeed SAGE members who have served for two two-year terms. Efforts are made to achieve geographical and gender balance as well as good representation of different stakeholder groups in the membership.

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