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Name of academic: Mark Seasons
Main course information: Course Description: Climate change has complex implications for communities across Canada. Planners are at the forefront of developing and implementing strategies to both reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and build resilience to current and future climate. This course focuses on some of the opportunities and challenges associated with the integration of climate change in urban and rural planning, including climate vulnerability of urban systems, low-carbon transport systems, urban greening and green infrastructure for climate resilience, regenerative designs that reduce social vulnerability, the role of information and communication technologies for system efficiency and resilience, and assessing synergies and conflicts between mitigation and adaptation. Leading policy and design cases from communities across Canada and internationally will be examined. Course Philosophy: This course is designed to provide graduate Planning and Master of Climate Change (MCC) program students with a solid understanding of the causes of climate change, and potential responses to the impacts of climate change in communities. The course is designed to provide foundation knowledge and skills that could be used when planning for, and adapting to, the community impacts of climate change. Course Format: The course comprises context-setting and informational lectures presented by the course instructor. Course participants will be expected to have read, and be prepared to discuss, assigned readings that will be drawn from web-based resources. Implications for community responses to climate change are to be explored at every opportunity.

This course is available on the University of Waterloo's on-line course support system.
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Topic: Adaptation, Climate (Atmospheric and Oceanic) Science, Climate Resilience, Mitigation
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Region Examined: Western Europe and Others
Language: English
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Geographical scale: City
Level of Instruction: Post-graduate
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