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Name of academic: Liz Sharp
Main course information: Module Overview Human societies have always faced various environmental and ecological challenges. However we are currently having an unprecedented impact on the planet, and natural processes in turn are potentially developing and changing in ways that pose severe risks to us. Human impacts are significantly altering the natural environment, and ecological degradation poses threats to human society in terms of climate change and resource depletion, biodiversity loss, and in relation to many other issues. It is in this context that this module introduces students to the main concepts and theories that underpin environmental policy-making and applies these to a range of environmental policy issues and particularly issues of climate change. Module Breakdown Week 1: Introduction to climate change Week 2: Climate change, impacts and adaptation Week 3: Climate change mitigation Week 4: Fit between climate change and other environmental issues Week 5: Seminar 1 and Climate change governance Week 6: Adaptation Week 7: Adaptation in context Week 8: Policy and Science Week 9: Seminar 2 and Policy and the public Week 10: Exploration of the essay topic Week 11: Report clues and expectations Week 12: Drop in and report help session Assessment • Seminar assignment (combines group outputs from Seminars 1 & 2) (30%) • 2000 Word Report (70%) Key Readings • Buckingham S and Turner M (2008) Understanding Environmental Issues Sage, London IC 363.7 (U) • IPCC, 2014, Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report, Available from http://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar5/syr/, [accessed 5/2/15] Skills Badging Analytical & Problem Solving Skills - Group seminar addressing carbon footprint challenges. Self-motivation & Awareness - Work in small groups in seminar setting to role play different countries in climate change negotiations. Communication Skills - Production of individual written in response to essay question.
Year of publication (last updated max 5 years ago): 2019
Topic: Adaptation, Climate Resilience, Mitigation
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Region Examined: Western Europe and Others
Language: Arabic, English
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Geographical scale: Multiple Scales
Level of Instruction: Undergraduate
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