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Name of academic: Brian Stone
Main course information: Argued to be the most enduring of all human inventions, the city has proven remarkably resilient in the face of catastrophic weather events, severe economic disruption, devastating human epidemics, and prolonged warfare. Yet, as the longstanding environmental stability of urban regions is altered through climate change, the structure and management of the contemporary city must adapt to these changing conditions if it is to persist in a warming world. To this end, this course explores the fundamental challenges to the city posed by climate change and the range of policy and design-based responses available to anticipate and respond to these challenges. The objectives of the course are to understand the physical mechanisms through which climate change is modifying urban environments and, in turn, how cities amplify these changes; to consider the range of current and proposed policy strategies to manage climate change in cities; and to examine and develop design-based tools for climate change adaptation at the urban scale. In the first component of the course, the physical drivers of climate change at the global and regional scales will be presented to provide students with a theoretical basis for the development of climate management policies and strategies. Particular emphasis will be placed on the present state of the consensus science, observed climate trends, and on tools employed in climate modeling. The second component of the course will examine international to local policy responses to climate change, with an emphasis on local scale hazard mitigation and post-disaster recovery planning. The concluding course component will entail a case analysis of climate management in post-Katrina New Orleans, explore emerging climate adaptation strategies, and provide students with the opportunity to develop climate change adaptation plans for New Orleans neighborhoods.
Year of publication (last updated max 5 years ago): 2018
Topic: Adaptation, Climate (Atmospheric and Oceanic) Science, Climate Resilience, Disaster Risk Reduction, Mitigation
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Region Examined: Global (more than one region)
Language: English
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Geographical scale: Global
Level of Instruction: Post-graduate
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