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Name of academic: Rasha Sayed
Main course information: Due to different challenges and deformation in natural resources that the whole world faces, especially water crisis in Egypt, due to climate change and other political, economic and natural impacts, the need for qualified calibers negotiators and scientists in water efficiency and negations has been raised. Egypt is already considered below water poverty level like other different sectors and countries, which could indicate that the next global conflict could be because of water, so understanding the global issues related to water efficiency and negotiations has become a must. Therefore, we need a student who must be aware of effective water resources, water efficiency, and water management and negotiations. The suggested module is a level 6 final year course that addresses the water resources and ways to better negotiations and management for water sustainability. It is an undergraduate elective course, designed for students who want to combine social and political management with engineering. The students should have a background of the water crisis in the middle east, political resources negotiations, and fundamentals of the water budget. The focus will be on water science engineering in addition to water management negotiations. Students should practice and be aware of global negotiations of water resources management, water saving based innovations such as water recycling approach. This course is designed to demonstrate the present and future water challenges, many case studies must be addressed nationally and internationally sites visits and companies’ integrations. Students must engage with the market in order to do their assignments, such engagement along with the most recent local and global issues they receive in lectures could result in graduate students who have fair experience which might facilitate opening many job opportunities. Students should practice in this course all the materials on both levels theoretical and technical methodologies, and this must show in their assignments and activities all along the semester. This 20 credit elective course can be taken by the economy, science, engineering, geology, and law students.
Year of publication (last updated max 5 years ago): 2019
Topic: Adaptation, Climate Resilience, Mitigation
Region Examined: Global (more than one region)
Language: English
Other language: Please specify: Arabic
Geographical scale: City
Level of Instruction: In-Service Training/Continuing Education
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