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Name of academic: Irina Ilina
Main course information: "This is one of elective courses taken by students of PMA master’s degree programme. It introduces students to the concept climate changes and how they relate to the strategy and territory planning process. The attention will be focused on the strategy making process in an organization of students’ choice. After an introduction to main problema of climate change, and strategy and policy of climate change, the special attention will be paid to core values and competencies, change management, models of decision making and strategy implementation. Strategies of and management of change are of a key focus. The appraisal of the organization’s environment, the drivers of change, the conditions of the success of different strategic choices are also considered. The module enables students to deepen their knowledge about the strategic level of climate change and their understanding of different problems of change management. It involves students in the critical analysis of climate change by requiring them to focus on the strategy making process and to analyze alternatives in strategic approaches.
Year of publication (last updated max 5 years ago): 2018
Topic: Climate Resilience
Region Examined: Eastern Europe
Language: Russian
Other language: Please specify: Russian
Geographical scale: Multi-National Regional
Level of Instruction: Semester/Quarter Length Courses/Modules
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