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Name of academic: Mario R Delos Reyes
Main course information: The theme for this course is on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Measures. The problem on rising temperature due to greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is a global concern that requires solutions at various stages and scales of development. Urban and regional planners need to fully understand the phenomenon and drivers of climate change, and its implications on development planning and management at varying scales. The approach and methods for development planning has to take into account the drivers and impacts of climate changes as these would greatly shape and influence the use and management of natural and built resources to serve as effective engines for growth. Climate change impacts are wide ranging and pose greater constraints to development initiatives. In response, two (2) strategic directions are espoused worldwide, including the Philippines: mitigation and adaptation. Although complementary, adaptation is emerging as a central component of climate policy – advocating for further understanding of the nature of climate impacts and the vulnerability of systems; and embedding these in decision-making processes. This course is designed to examine the theoretical and conceptual evolution of climate policies, imperatives for mitigation and adaptation, perspectives on vulnerability, approaches to vulnerability assessments, mainstreaming climate change concerns in development processes and challenges to climate policy responses. The course will also elaborate how vulnerability research can provide a benchmark for developing and integrating adaptation in development practices. Examples from multiple regions and sectors will be drawn upon to highlight key approaches and developments.
Year of publication (last updated max 5 years ago): 2018
Topic: Adaptation, Mitigation
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Region Examined: Global (more than one region)
Language: English
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Geographical scale: Global
Level of Instruction: Undergraduate
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