Our Secretariat

Habitat Organisational Chart The UN-Habitat Secretariat is the executive organ of UN-Habitat, in charge of coordinating the programme. It designs, implements, manages and monitors UN-Habitat’s urban initiatives and human settlements development projects, and provides the Governing Council with strategic recommendations.

It is also mandated to carry out research activities and to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and best practices on urbanization questions such as global trends, effective approaches and new technologies. The Secretariat services the Governing Council and acts as the focal point for all human settlement matters within the United Nations system.

Under the direction of the Executive Director, it is entrusted with the responsibilities set out in both Resolution 32/162 and in paragraph 228 of the Habitat Agenda. The UN-Habitat Secretariat is structured in:

  • Offices that carry out management and support tasks,
  • Thematic organizational units, or branches, that handle a specific urban theme,
  • Regional offices that deliver the UN-Habitat work programme at regional and country levels.

The headquarters of the UN-Habitat Secretariat are located in Nairobi, Kenya.  

Our offices:

Office of the Executive Director (OED)
Project Office (PO)
Office of Management (OM)
External Relations (ER)

Our branches:

Urban Legislation, Land and Governance Branch (ULLGB)
Urban Planning and Design Branch (UPDB)
Urban Economy Branch (UEB)
Urban Basic Services Branch (UBSB)
Housing and Slum Upgrading Branch (HSUB)
Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation Branch (RRRB)
Urban Research and Capacity Development Branch (URCDB)

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