The success of our work in Madagascar is dependent on successful partnerships between Un-Habitat and the government of Madagascar through the Ministry of State for Presidential Projects, of land and equipment planning. More recently in 2016, UN-Habitat collaborated with the Malagasy Government for the elaboration of a national urban policy - extension for the application of the two laws that have just been approved by Parliament: Law on Urban Planning and Housing - LUH and Law on the Orientation of Spatial Planning -LoAT.

In 2020 UN-Habitat is launching in Madagascar (and three other South-Eastern African countries) the project “Building Urban Climate Resilience in South-Eastern Africa” financed by the Adaptation Fund. This project follows from the outcomes of CityRAP implementation, and has activities at the city-, national- and sub-regional-levels. In Madagascar it will include a number of resilient infrastructure interventions in the city of Morondava, including mangrove rehabilitation, urban greening interventions, establishment of a city-wide early warning system for floods, construction of a resilient and multi-purpose safe haven, construction of flood-proof elevated road with improved drainage, resilient reconstruction of bridges, enhanced drainage capacity, and improved solid waste management.

At the national level the project will entail developing and dispatching tools and guidelines and delivering training to strengthen institutional capacity to reduce risks associated with climate-induced socioeconomic and environmental losses and improve policies and regulations that promote and enforce resilience measures.