UN-Habitat has supported Government at the national and city levels to improve policies and plans, norms and standards to address the issues of housing, sustainable urbanization, risk reduction, resilience and development of the human settlement. A National Urban Policy supported by UN-Habitat is under formulation. UN-Habitat in collaboration with other partners has supported the Government to elaborate the Safer House Construction Guidelines. UN-Habitat has supported the Government and the Karonga District Council to deliver an urban structure plan that addresses disaster risk and resilience through urban planning. UN-Habitat has supported the City of Lilongwe to elaborate a waste management policy and bylaws which are supporting the City in the management of waste. UN-Habitat has engaged evidence-based advocacy for the urban sector especially through its analytical work on urbanization and housing.

UN-Habitat has supported local authorities and other partners in Malawi to introduce pro-poor, integrated and sustainable waste management initiatives that promote public private partnerships, waste management as a business and a greater engagement of women in urban service delivery. UN-Habitat is also supporting the Government of Malawi to improve access to sanitation in urban areas especially in the cities of Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Karonga. UN-Habitat has supported the improvement of household sanitation in densely populated low-income settlements in Lilongwe using the ecosan technology. They have also been supporting Malawi to improve access to water for unserved and underserved poor communities in peri urban areas and in public schools.