For the purposes of raising awareness, especially of Palestinian vulnerable groups, about the importance of safeguarding their right to land through the land settlement and registration process, and to effect transparent processes of land settlement across the West Bank, an Awareness Raising Campaign is to be implemented within the ambit of the project “Achieving Planning and Land Rights in “Area C”, West Bank (2019-2023)” implemented by UN-Habitat in partnership with the Land and Water Settlement Commission, and with financial support from the European Union. To this end, UN-Habitat is looking to contract a media firm to produce quality media and visual content per the attached Terms of Reference.

Interested company bidding must deliver technical and financial offers in electronic format addressed for the attention of UN-Habitat at:  by the deadline of 15 August 2021 at 12:00 hours (Jerusalem local time). Bidders must submit offers for all media items. Joint offers involving more than one vendor are not accepted. Late quotations and quotations sent to or copied to any other e-mail address will be automatically disqualified. All inquiries should be received at no later than 8 August 2021 by 12:00 hours (Jerusalem local time) and will be responded to collectively.