UN-Habitat in Spain is composed of a Liaison Office in Madrid and two Programme Offices in Barcelona: the GWOPA Secretariat (Global Water Operator Partnerships Alliances) and the CRPP Office (City Resilience Profiling Programme). The role of the Office located in Madrid is to act as a liaison with the Spanish government and the New Urban Agenda partners in Spain, adding value to UN-Habitat’s work in selected areas of collaboration.

The UN-Habitat Office in Spain (Madrid) also supports the monitoring of all initiatives supported by Spanish partners and the implementation of UN-Habitat’s mandate through advocacy, effective knowledge, strategic partnerships and resource mobilization, technical support and outreach and communication on sustainable urban development.

Based on the foregoing, the UN-Habitat Office in Spain:

  • Promotes and keeps institutional representation and liaison with the Spanish partners and other New Urban Agenda partners in Spain.
  • Fosters knowledge, advocacy and visibility of the New Urban Agenda and UN-Habitat priority areas. Strengthens existing strategic partnerships, promotes new collaboration agreements, and supports fundraising and resource mobilization efforts.
  • Supports the design, implementation and follow-up of initiatives and projects funded by Spanish partners.

Fully aligned with the UN-Habitat Strategic Plan 2020- 2025 and its thematic areas, UN-Habitat Office in Spain (Madrid) reinforces advocacy and knowledge on the relevance and coherence of UN-Habitat’s mandate, along with its expertise and efficiency in project implementation and action by:

  • Institutional representation and liaison with Spanish Government and key stakeholders for enjoying strong support from the member state and strengthening UN-Habitat´s mandate;
  • Knowledge fostering and technical support;
  • Effective advocacy, strategic partnerships and resource mobilization for sustainable urbanization widely understood and closely associated with UN-Habitat.