Dates: 15-20 November 2017

Deadline for applications: 1 October 2017

UN-Habitat and IUTC has been closely collaborating in training and capacity building for a decade. The next up-coming training offers an intensive, dynamic and rich learning environment for senior managers, practitioners and policy makers from Asia. The program introduces the Sustainable Development Goals framework of the Agenda 2030 and the localization of the SDG11, in the context of the New Urban Agenda and the means of its implementation, with a specific focus to the challenges of unplanned urbanization.

During the training period, participants will develop their understanding about the nature, scale and scope of informal urbanization and analyze the relationship between the lack of affordable housing options and the appearance of slums and informal settlements in their cities through lectures, case studies, practical exercises and peer-to-peer exchange.

The course will enable participants to develop their capacity to design effective responses in terms of policies, approaches, strategies and programmes that on one hand prevent the formation and multiplication of slums through strategic policies to boost the supply of affordable housing and on the other, improve the living standards and conditions of the population living in consolidated slums through citywide slum upgrading and urban regeneration strategies.