land-readjustment-as-a-tool-for-urban-regeneration-in-asian-citiesUN-Habitat in collaboration with the International Urban Training Centre are organizing a 4-day training workshop ‘Land Readjustment as a tool for Urban Regeneration’. The workshop, which will run from 12 to 15 December - is tailored to the needs of medium and senior level municipal officers, as well as central government staff responsible for developing land-related policies in urban areas;   Urban planners and real estate development professionals are highly encouraged to participate.

The workshop will discuss various aspects of land policies, land markets and land price formation, formal and informal land markets, and provide an overview of the various attributes of land including the bundle of rights associated to it. Participants will be exposed to an array of policy instruments, case studies developed to better capture the various dimensions of land development and to simulation exercises to put in practice some basic concepts of land readjustment.   The notion, concept and practice of urban regeneration will be further unpacked and sustained with examples for reflection and learning from experiences.

The workshop is practice-oriented and problem-solving. It provides hands-on experience on the problem and formulation of solutions through the application of the tool in real contexts.

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