jordan national urban policy
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Jordan National Urban Policy

The effective management of urbanization presents a country with the ability to transform its challenges into opportunities. The Jordan National Urban Policy (JNUP) provides Jordan with a framework that allows it to do so by envisioning strategic and resilient growth. The overarching focus is on sustainable practices, economic prosperity, and the well-being of all residents, ensuring inclusivity throughout Jordan's urbanization journey, leaving no one and no place behind.

In Jordan, the scope of growth must extend beyond large cities, encompassing smaller cities, towns and villages to foster development across its entirety. The vision for opportunistic urbanization revolves around integrated and resilient urban systems, ensuring an equitable distribution of development gains. JNUP emphasizes connecting growth areas through public infrastructure, fostering community resilience, and involving local communities in decision-making for sustainable growth. Guided by principles such as participation, long-term vision, immediate impact, efficiency, human rights, resilience, subsidiarity, and cross-cutting strategic action, the JNUP addresses urbanization challenges comprehensively.

Thorough intensive discussion and consideration six thematic areas were identified, and 24 policies developed, covering Environment and Water Management, Economy and Prosperity, Form of Development, Livability-Quality of Life, Mobility and Connectivity, as well as, Governance and Management. These policies aim to shape and regulate development, fostering resilient, vibrant, and inclusive communities.