In order to contribute significantly to the improvement of urban governance and the living environment of the population in Guinean cities, the European Union is financing the "Urban Development and Sanitation Programme in Guinea" (SANITA) within the framework of the 11th EDF, in collaboration with the Government through the Ministry of Urban Planning, Housing and Land Management (MUHAT).

Implemented by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), the first of the two components of this programme, called the SANITA Sustainable Cities Project, aims at strengthening urban governance at local and national levels. The challenge of preventing and reducing slums in our cities cannot be met without the direct involvement of the vulnerable populations concerned (young people, women, people living with disabilities in particular) in the identification, design and implementation phases of priority pilot projects as defined in the five outcomes detailed below:

  • Result 1 (R1): Institutional capacities for the implementation and monitoring of framework
  • documents are strengthened;
  • Result 2 (R2): A national urban policy defining the strategic orientations, roles and
  • responsibilities of the different actors is developed and validated;
  • Result 3 (R3): The implementation of the 1991 National Land Use Plan (SNAT) is evaluated
  • and new strategic orientations (white paper) are defined and validated;
  • Result 4 (R4): Urban planning documents for the capital city, with appropriate action plans
  • that take into account climate change aspects, are developed and validated in a participatory
  • manner;
  • Result 5 (R5): Priority pilot projects are developed and implemented through the creation or
  • strengthening of inclusive consultation spaces and multi-stakeholder dialogue.

Submission: Applicant NGOs should submit their response to the call for proposals by e-mail according to the deadline indicated above, to the attention of Gwendoline Mennetrier; and to Lily D'Olce, copying

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Implementation of pilot projects and community mobilisation for the improvement of living conditions in 9 neighborhoods of Greater Conakry