Qazvin, Iran 2016 – The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has thanked the city of Qazvin for inspiring solidarity and exchange between nations, cities and citizens. The city recently hosted the Silk Mayors Forum at the World Citizens Organization. In his congratulatory address, Mr Ban emphasized that the initiative fosters the United Nations aim of world peace and sets an example for the positive development of humanity.

He expressed his hope that such ancient Silk Road Spirit continues to develop to further improve the state of humanity. Dr. Joan Clos, UN-Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN-Habitat delivered a message thanking the Mayors, City Councilors, MPs and attendees at the meeting for their participation. He also emphasized the significant role the Silk Road has played in history, and the interaction among the communities in these countries as an important element of the mandate of UN-Habitat in sustainable development.

Dr. Clos then called for the gathering to establish a specialized association among Silk Road cities in the sidelines of the meeting. He expressed that this association will provide for effective interaction with the United Nations, as we work together toward achieving sustainable urban development goals. Dr. Clos concluded by expressing that with the active role that the city of Qazvin has played in urban development globally, he expects it to have great success in pioneering this initiative. Please click here to read the full message.