NAIROBI, November 7, 2018 - UN-Habitat and the One Planet Network have developed an innovative way to improve sustainability of new housing projects and make green housing affordable. The SHERPA App helps users to overcome social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges in project implementation to ensure sustainability in housing projects.

SHERPA uses simple language and can be deployed in the remotest locations. Its user-friendly interface enables non-practitioners to grasp basic concepts of sustainable housing construction, making them potential agents of sustainable urban development.

With the Housing at the Centre approach at its core SHERPA recognises housing as an essential component of sustainable urbanisation, an economic driver of cities, and a fundamental human right for all, including the most vulnerable groups.

SHERPA is a collaborative initiative between Centre International de la Construction en Terre- Environnement & Cultures Constructives (CRAterre-ENSAG), Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT Finland), Cambridge University,  UN-Environment, and has been tested by Architecture Sans Frontieres (ASF) Nepal, Yaam International Burkina Faso, the Kenyan Slum Upgrading Programme and the EcoSur Network.

SHERPA contributes to achievement of SDG 11.1 to ensure by 2030, access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services and upgrade slums and SDG 12 which calls for Responsible Consumption and Production. SHERPA is available in English, Spanish and French and can be downloaded for free at: