Geneva, Switzerland, February 2019 - The Global Alliance for Urban Crises officially launched a series of knowledge products at Humanitarian Networking and Partnerships Week 2019 in Geneva.

The products were produced by multi-constituency Alliance Working Groups, and focus on the key objectives, including urban profiling for a shared understanding of crises in urban contexts, stronger collaboration among actors through an urban protocol, mobilizing the right expertise in urban crises through the Urban Competency Framework, and shaping common goals through urban resilience.

The Alliance participated in a session with Global Cluster panelists from UNHCR, IOM, RedR UK, and IMPACT Initiatives, on strengthening inter-sector coordination in urban areas.

The Alliance also held an all-day members meeting, joined by Sami Kanaan, Mayor of Geneva and chair of the UCLG Taskforce, to discuss the creation of a platform in Geneva for local governments to engage with the humanitarian community and facilitate access to knowledge.

Visit to view and download the new Alliance Knowledge Products, and learn how to get involved.

The Global Alliance for Urban Crises is a global, multi-disciplinary and collaborative community of practice. The Alliance acts as an inclusive platform bringing together local governments,

built environment professionals, academics, humanitarian and development actors, working to arrive at systemic change in the way we enable cities and urban communities to prevent, prepare for, and respond to urban crisis. UN-Habitat chairs the Steering Committee and is one of the founding members.