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GLOBAL ACTION PLAN: Accelerating for Transforming Informal Settlements and Slums by 2030

This is a technical framework document that has been prepared for the International Meeting: Global Action Plan Launch - Accelerating for Transforming Informal Settlements and Slum by 2030, which was hosted by the Government of South Africa in October 2022. It has been collaboratively created with key stakeholders who are leading the way in urban transformation. The document focuses on identifying the initial steps required to generate significant momentum for the large-scale transformation of slums.

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The Global Action Plan (GAP) arises from the shared understanding that despite considerable efforts made globally to address informal settlements and slums, the real challenge in addressing slums lies ahead. Without taking any action, the number of slum dwellers worldwide is expected to triple in the coming decades. This situation necessitates urgent attention and immediate action. There are specific areas where coordinated action is needed, as well as collective principles to be embraced in order to unlock sustainable and inclusive transformation of slums and informal settlements by 2030.