Future Cities Advisory Outlook 2022: Building New Urban Resilience
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Future Cities Advisory Outlook 2022: Building New Urban Resilience

Future Cities Advisory Outlook 2022: Building New Urban Resilience is the second flagship report of the UN-Habitat China Future Cities Council.

One of the four priority areas for change in the UN-Habitat Strategic Plan 2020-2023 is "effective prevention and response to urban crises". However, traditional response methods often prove inadequate when faced with sudden challenges.

In order to better help cities enhance their ability to cope with unexpected challenges and strengthen their resilience, the UN-Habitat China Future Cities Council has proposed the concept of building a new urban resilience through a year of meticulous research visits, extensive case studies and informative analysis. The new urban resilience relies on smart city science and technology innovation to empower the core capacity of urban development and establish an "autonomous immune system" for cities, based on the integration of engineering systems, information systems and policy systems, to develop autonomous diagnosis, autonomous recovery and autonomous construction capabilities, to proactively detect and respond to the occurrence of uncertainty disturbances and shocks, and to maintain the stability of cities with minimal resources and maximum efficiency. In order to achieve the goal of sustainable development and value growth of the city, we will maintain the high quality of people-centered development with the least resources and highest time efficiency.

In order to better promote the new city resilience, the report provides a roadmap for cities to build new city resilience and calls for the initiative of "New Urban Resilience Action".