????????????????????????????????????Hebron, 12 August 2015 – The first 59 women graduates from the King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Technical and Vocational Training Center in Hebron City have received their certificates of completion for their course work.

The centre was established by UN Habitat in partnership with the Municipality of Hebron and the Polytechnic University and was supported by the Saudi Committee for the Relief of Palestinian People.

The objective of the Technical and Vocational Training Center is to empower underprivileged women and their families to improve their economic conditions and living standards through the provision of vocational, urban entrepreneurship development and economic training programs.

The Centre complements a recently finished social housing scheme for women that was implemented by UN-Habitat, also with Saudi support. Together the two initiatives link affordable housing to urban livelihood generation and provide a model for other cities to consider.

An important first step

The Mayor of Hebron, Daoud Za’tri, Mohammad Qawasmi also from Hebron Municipality, the Assistant of Hebron Governor, Rafiq Al Ja’bari, and the UN-Habitat Head of Office, Joe Hooper attended the event to congratulate the women on their achievements.

Mr. Za’tri said “This centre aims at improving the living conditions of underprivileged women of different age groups by equipping them with the skills needed to enhance their self-employment and start their own small businesses and income generating activities”.

UN Habitat’s Mr. Hooper said: “The first graduates of the training centre have taken bold steps to improve their well being. It is my hope that other women will be inspired to take similar action. I recognize that much more remains to be done for women in Hebron and the rest of Palestine, especially for those who are facing difficult social and economic circumstances, but today represents an important step towards that goal.”