Nairobi 14 November 2017—The First session of the Young African Think’rs (YAT) will be held in Nairobi starting from Wednesday 15th of November.

The meeting is informed by the fact that exclusion from the economic, political, and social life of youth in developing countries breeds disillusionment, hopelessness, and upheaval. Research has found links between youth unemployment and social exclusion, and suggests that this may lead to political and social instability, and possibly to violence. Action is required to achieve economic prosperity for, and the inclusion of, the youth. Although evidence shows that governments and cities are making efforts to tackle youth poverty and their lack of engagement in governance, resources to undertake such interventions are very limited. UN-Habitat recognizes the potential of the youth as a major force for creating a better urban future. It’s on this basis and understanding that UN Habitat is working together with Young African Thinkers (YAT) to host the 1st session of YAT in Nairobi, Kenya

Young African Think’rs is a three-day brainstorming and idea-generating summit where African youth from different nations gather with the aim of engaging in decision-making and solution finding for Africa. Through deliberations at the convention, the youth hope to assure that Agenda 2063, the strategic framework developed by the African Union focused on the socio-economic transformation of the continent, inspires action in those who aspire to take up leadership positions.

The creativity, energy and innovation of Africa’s youth shall be the driving force behind the continent’s political, social, cultural and economic transformation.”– Agenda 2063/ Aspiration 6:58

After two days of dialogue the solutions, suggestions, ideas and policies crafted by the young think’rs will be presented to the attendees who are comprised of students, business owners, educators and leaders attending the presentations, with the goal of them partnering with the youth and taking note of investment opportunities. The intention is for the convention to inspire tangible projects that will be taken up in cooperation between the youth and current leaders/business owners.

Possible outcomes of the Convention will include amongst others: young leaders fully aware of Vision 2030 with a mindset of propagating it, leaders who are advocates of commonly shared African values, and youth who are ready to start leading, turn ideas into businesses and exercise decision making.

Young African thinkers 2017 will deliberate on finance and entrepreneurship, education, business and entrepreneurship.