Compendium of Inspiring Practices: SDG FOCUS 03
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Compendium of Inspiring Practices: SDG FOCUS 03

The Compendium of Inspiring Practices, now presenting its third edition “Compendium of Inspiring Practices – SDG FOCUS” is an UN-Habitat ongoing open initiative for which new experiences and case studies are constantly collected to document and to be shared with the global UN-Habitat network and relevant urban development constituencies. The objective of the compendium is to support and illustrate, through an evidence base, the conditions for and benefits of applying the key principles included in the International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning (IG-UTP or Guidelines), approved by UN-Habitat’s Governing Council in 2015.

The publication is a showcase of 17 urban and territorial planning inspiring case studies around the world, looking towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and highlighting diverse issues and the approaches taken to resolve them. Covering planning topics such as developing public space, mobility, greening strategies, transport and mobility, the cases are all exceptionally distinctive from each other and demonstrate the importance of inclusive participatory planning and community participation, the strength of an integrated spatial development planning, the power of partnerships and multi-stakeholder involvement within the project and the necessity of focusing on the implementation of the plans.