City Resilience Profiling Program – Volume 9
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City Resilience Profiling Program – Volume 9

From February 16th–18th, the city of Puebla, Mexico hosted Smart City Expo Puebla, bringing together over 80 businesses and 36 Latin American Countries under the common goal of a more sustainable, healthy and equitable future for Mexican and Latin American cities. As part of the event, the Smart City World Expo Congress featured over 100 speakers.

The CRPP is delivering the following four accomplishments:

  1. Research on Operational Framework: An adaptable urban systems model suitable for all human settlements.
  2. Indexing and Profiling: A set of indicators, standards, and profiles to support cities for calibrating urban systems’ ability to withstand and recover from crises.
  3. Tools/Software Development: Software systems that produce city resilience profiles, from which Resilience Action Plans are derived.
  4. Normative Guidance: Global standards set for urban resilience at different levels from local policies based on the Resilience Action Plans to national policies including the states’ competence towards new resilience standards.