Bossaso, 11 April 2016-- The Bossaso “Lot 2” road project commenced on 12 October 2015 and was completed in February 2016. This road construction project, funded by Italian Cooperation, provides a vital link in the ongoing improvement of transportation infrastructure around Bossaso Port in Bossaso, Puntland State of Somalia.

UN-Habitat worked closely with the Bossaso Municipality, the Puntland Highway Authority, and the Bossaso Port Authority in this endeavour, and its main partner in the project was the Puntland Ministry of Maritime Transport, Ports, and Counter-Piracy. Representatives of the ministry and Italian Cooperation conducted a site inspection on 9 January 2016, and the works were completed in early February 2016.

Land surveying, demarcation, and demolition works were first completed along the entire road length. The project was committed to established road construction standards and took measures to follow agreed construction practices and confirm the quality of the materials used.

Once the materials were brought to site, material tests were conducted, including an on-site concrete lump test, a hammer check, and various lab tests. These tests were approved by the UN-Habitat engineers and the Puntland Highway Authority. With 6 engineers and supervisors on site, and up to 56 workers, the road construction works provided local employment and were a valuable exercise in adhering to high standards towards producing a quality product.

The road construction followed the following steps: Irish bridge’ (low water crossing) construction; Gravel base layer compaction; Bitumen pouring at 160 degrees Celsius and Aggregate pouring (19 to 20 millimetres) and compaction

The entire length of the road (1,850 metres) was divided into 8 sections, and the road works were then done section by section.