Youth delinquency and the crim
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Youth delinquency and the criminal justice system in Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Violent crime and delinquency threaten the quality of life of urban dwellers in Dar es Salaam. During the 1990’s the annual crime increase in Dar es Salaam was 8,1%. Not only does this divert scarce resources from urban social development, but it also constitutes a serious impediment to the city’s economic development. Globally, crime patterns are changing.Offenders are getting younger and violent crime is becoming more common.

Previous research indicates that violence and crime in urban areas is escalating. The roots of such violence may not be clearly understood but declining incomes and work opportunities,and the consequent frustration, particularly for youth, are important factors. Violence, crime and anti-social behaviour are thought to be products of social inequality, social exclusionand a lack of institutional and social control.