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    By on 10/17/2014

    Name of organization: Youth Development Organization ( YDO )

    City: Talz

    Project Title: Youth Economic Empowerment

     The project aimed to empower the youth economically in different micro-projects fields. The project targeted to improve the livelihoods of  30 youths aged 25 -32 years from the poorest areas in Taiz by training them in how to establish micro-projects and technical training in 4 different fields selected by them.  This was majorly through trainings which covered:

    • feasibility study
    • accounting records
    • marketing
    • projects development 


    Number of beneficiaries

    The project as a whole improved the economic status of 30 disadvantaged male and female youth through the vocational training, the training on how to establish micro- project and the loaning opportunities offered by some loaning institutions. The project enabled the beneficiaries to acquire jobs and improve their incomes and the economic status of their families. It also had an impact not only the beneficiaries, but also on other youth who were encouraged to adopt the idea of establishing micro-projects.

    Number of social enterprises seeded: 

    30 of the trained beneficiaries were able to create self-made businesses for themselves with great financial help from the loaning institution that took part in the training process.

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