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    World Urban Campaign

    The World Urban Campaign is UN-Habitat’s partners’ platform preparing for the Habitat III conference. The Campaign acts as a global advocacy and partnership platform to promote dialogue, sharing, and learning about improving our urban future. It is driven by a wide range of dedicated partners including civil society organizations, local authorities, the private sector, research institutions, professionals, academia, parliamentarians, trade unions, youth groups, and the media. The World Urban Campaign is coordinated by UN-Habitat.

    The Campaign works to place the urban agenda at the highest level in development policies. It also helps partners to share best practices and innovative ideas, working together towards a better urban future.  Through the Campaign, partners work to consolidate and articulate a united message for the Habitat III Conference.  The Campaign also works with national governments to encourage National Urban Campaigns, through which governments can develop, debate, and articulate their goals and national strategies going into the Habitat III conference.

    Find out more on the website of the World Urban Campaign below.

    ‘I’m a City Changer’ is an advocacy initiative of the World Urban Campaign. It raises awareness about positive urban change by engaging citizens to share solutions to change their urban communities, and to achieve green, productive, safe, healthy, inclusive, and well-planned cities. See the website of ‘I’m a City Changer’ below.


    WUC picVisit the World Urban Campaign websiteiacc picVisit the site of ‘I’m a City Changer’

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