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Women in Post-Conflict Settlement Planning

Ten principles can be followed to produce the sort of equal post-conflict settlement planning that can help to build communities that have a better basis of becoming peaceful and sustainable. These are:

  1. Gender factors should be integrated in post-conflict settlement planning.
  2. Post-conflict settlement planning should increase the safety and security of all groups.
  3. Women grassroots organizations should be involved in post-conflict settlement planning.
  4. A spatial framework should be used to facilitate the improvement of gender-sensitive coordination of post-crisis settlement planning.
  5. The planning process should be people-centred and include both women and men.
  6. Planning should be about building back better and increasing crisis resilience, peace and the inclusiveness of all groups.
  7. Spatial planning should frame interventions as first steps towards socially, politically and economically equal neighborhoods and cities.
  8. Planning should be integrated, linking infrastructure, services and livelihoods in a way that recognizes both women and men needs.
  9. Planning should generate economic recovery and growth if addressed equally.
  10. Planning should be monitored and evaluated.