UN-Habitat in Vietnam

Country Information

• Population: 88.78 million (2012)
• Annual population growth: 1.04%
• Area: 329.3 thousand km2
• GDP per capita: U$ 1,168 (2010)
• Real GDP growth : 6.8 % (2010)
• Export: U$ 87.3 billion (Nov-2011)
• Import: U$ 96.1 billion (Nov-2011)
• Poverty incidence: 14% (2008)
• Human Development Index: 128th (out of 187 countries) (2011)
• Urbanisation speed: 3.4%
• Urban population: 32.2%
• Urban area contribute 70% of economic outputs

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UN-Habitat Vietnam Office
Room 203, A2 Building, Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound
298 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Tel: (04) 38237232 - Fax: (04) 38237227
Email: info@unhabitatvietnam.org


A. UN-Habitat has been working with the government of Vietnam since 1990s, and established its country office in 2007. Until 2013, it achieved the following:
• Support the formulation of sustainable urban development policies and planning law with strengthen role of Vietnam Urban Forum (VUF) in policy dialogues.
• Advised and support the formulation of national housing development strategy through a number of low income housing analysis, studies and strengthened the capacity of policy makers, researchers, planners at national and local levels through a broad training programme.
• Advised the formulation of social and economic development strategy in Quang Nam and eco planning in Hoi An through a number of analysis, policy dialogues, and leadership training.
• Supported to develop local urban observatories and city-level performance index in 78 cities to facilitate the better evidence-based reviews and local decision making process.
• Urban forums to foster multi-level and multi-sector cooperation on sustainable urban development policies.
• Advice for national housing development strategy with focus on community based low income housing development and urban upgrading.
• Green growth oriented city development strategy approach in Quang Nam Province and Hoi An City.
• Developing Vietnam Cities Profile and promoting institutionalisation of urban indicators for evidence based urban planning and policy formulation.
• Leadership development focusing on enabling housing policy and green growth oriented urban planning.

B. Water for Asian Cities (WAC) Programme & Mekong Region Water and Sanitation Initiative
WAC Vietnam initiated with fast-track projects in 2007 to support the ADB Loan project for Central Region Small and Medium Towns to improve water and sanitation services in selected towns, while MEK-WASAN Vietnam undertaken fast-track projects in the towns along the East West Economic Corridor. From 2007-2013, UN-Habitat invested 3,631,500 USD and mobilised 2,199,050 USD from partners to implement projects.
Activities of the projects includes:
• Pro-poor urban water and sanitation governance
• Urban water demand management
• Integrated urban water and sanitation initiative
• Capacity building, advocacy and education