Event date

Event Type : Urban YouthConnekt Session 2018

Organizations hosting: UN-Habitat, Government of Rwanda

Venue: Kigali Convention Centre

City, Country: Kigali, Rwanda

Summary of event

Contributing to the objectives of the YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2018 www.youthconnektafrica.org, the Urban YouthConnekt Session 2018 will provide a platform for all partners involved in urban youth development to synergize around policies, programs and partnerships that will connect urban youth for continental transformation.  The platform will also contribute towards sharing knowledge, models and solutions to urban challenges that will:

  1. Progressively influence of the Youth Connekt Africa Summit by the participating urban youth voices on shaping the Youth Connekt Africa Hub; 

  2. Ensure progressive commitment from participating stakeholders on urban youth development in Africa and the global south; 

  3. Establish and strengthen models of the South-South cooperation to support urban youth networks, learning, knowledge sharing and markets. 

Contacts: to: Irene.wamukota@un.org

Conference Paper

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