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Chitungwiza Campus is premised on the major objective of opening up a forum of dialoguing, debating and exchanging information and urbanization best practices amongst professionals, researchers, Academic Institutions, Residence Associations, Urban Councils, Government, Community Based Organizations, Donors and Non-Governmental Organizations.

The Campus will be divided into 10 sessions including Water Resource Development, City Health, Housing and Social Services, Industrialization, Education and Skills Development, Accountability and Governance, Gender and Urbanization, Roads and Transport Network and Business Investments. Stakeholders, Academic Institutions and Researchers will present on urbanization concepts and best practices. Each presentation will be followed by a general discussion, question and answer session. Stakeholder Consultations will be the basis of developing Sector-Based Strategic Action Plans, which will be further consolidated into the City We Want Strategic Action Plan. For more information, click here.


Day 1

Campus Opening (Opening Remarks, Objectives and Expected Outcome)

Official Opening of the Chitungwiza Urban Thinkers Campus by Chitungwiza District Administrator

City of Chitungwiza Socio-economic Status Report

Formation of Cluster Sessions Working Teams

Day 2

Sector Based Presentations, Discussion Forums, Debates and Question and Answer Sessions

Consolidation of Sector Based Strategic Action Plans

Feedback from Clusters

The City of Chitungwiza Campus will be subdivided into 9 Strategic Sector Based Sessions including:

  • Water Resource Development and Management
  • City Health
  • Housing and Social Services
  • Industrialization
  • Education and Human Skills Development
  • Accountability and Governance
  • Gender and Urbanization
  • Energy, Roads and Transport Network
  • Business and Investments

Each session is expected to be attended by at least 10 Participants and chaired by a strategic partner. Strategic Partners to Chair Sessions includes:

  1. City of Chitungwiza
  2. Chitungwiza Residents and Rate Payers Association
  3. Seke Teachers College
  4. Chitungwiza Central Hospital
  5. Genderlinks
  6. Department of Physical and Urban Planning
  7. Ministry of Local Governments and Urban Development
  8. National Association of Non Governmental Organizations


  • Shorai Chitongo, Founder and Director, Ray of Hope;
  • Regis Manjoro, Executive Director, Fatherhood Peace Project;
  • Chitungwiza District Administrator

Keep up to date on this event and theme using the hashtag  #UrbanThinkers

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