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UTC Logo HIGH RESParis campus focus on Smart planning. It is the harmonious way to make the link between Soft planning (urban policies and strategies) and Hard planning (urban development projects, infrastructures, urban services and regulation). Planning is crossed questioned through 7 issues: territorial solidarities; resilience; quality of life, social inclusion and citizenship; urban services and smart city; new economic models and innovation; mobility; financing urban development.

The main question is how to deliver universal message based on the specificity of relevant French experiences.This one and half day seminar is organized with 2 round table and 2 workshops with 200 participants coming from all French sectors involved in the urban development: State, local governments, public administration, researchers, academicians, professionals, private sector, NGOs.

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Urban Thinkers Campus, Paris Smart Planning For Sustainable Cities

WUC logo high-resContact 1. Brigitte Bariol-Mathais bariol-mathais@fnau.org www.fnau.org- FNAU

2. Marianne Malez malez@fnau.org 01 45 49 32 50 - FNAU

3. Eric Huybrechts eric.huybrechts@iau-idf.fr www.iau-idf.fr - IAU-idf

4. Camille Le Jean camille.le-jean@expertisefrance.fr www.pfvt.fr - PVFT

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