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Bangladesh, a rapidly urbanizing country, shows some phenomena of uncontrolled and unplanned urban growth since last few decades. Due to economic as well as administrative centralization the capital city, Dhaka, is facing some serious urban problems. The major problem lies here in sectors like transportation, disasters and spatial quality.

Experts and stakeholders are engaged from different platforms which needs coordination and control. Therefore, the Urban Thinkers Campus will be organized in BUET, the top ranking Technical University of the country, with a hope to decipher and share the knowledge and experiences with the national and international stakeholders. Thus the UTC will be held here with the following objectives-

  • Identification of prime concerns on Housing, Mobility, Resilience and Public Spaces of Dhaka city, and smaller urban centers around the capital.
  • Sharing of knowledge and ideas from similar situations on other parts of the world.
  • Formulation of a Framework for future development.

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