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Participants are grouped during two days in six working areas of interest for a very active discussion. Six core topics on Housing will be discussed, three each day, in workshops leaded by three professionals: a moderator, a presenter and a relator.

In the first session, the moderator introduces the topic of the workshop triggering the discussion of experts. The second session is meant to be an in-depth debate chaired by the presenter. The third session, led by the presenter as well, will reach a set of conclusions, later discussed by all participants during the plenary session. The relator will collect all elements discussed as well as the conclusions.

The first two days will be held at the AMB premises. Conclusions will be presented on November 18th in an open-public session held in the framework of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) taking place in Barcelona during the same dates.

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Focal Point: Barcelona Metropolitan Area. General Manager’s Technical Coordinator’s Bureau.

Project Officer_Elisabet Marrugat - 00 +34 935069311



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