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The level of urbanization in Bangladesh is still considered low when compared internationally, but it has been experiencing phenomenal growth of its urban population, as well as peri-urban areas in the last four decades.

This Dhaka workshop, staged by Bangladesh Institute of Planners and UN-Habitat, is designed for urban practitioners and decision makers from rapidly growing contexts; the workshop offers new tools for sustainable planning and an opportunity to strategize for a new urban agenda.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

(i) Explain new methods and approaches for sustainable urban planning in the Asia Pacific region

(ii) Analyze what good planning practice is and what it can achieve for rapidly developing cities

(iii) Identify the positive impact of sustainable urban planning with reference to real life case studies

(iv) Get the confidence of developing their cities in sustainable way

Who should attend:

Mayors, councilors, Chief Executive Officer/Secretary of the Pourashava, policy advisors, urban planners, and other key urban leaders and decision makers. (For limited number of capacity the selection will be done on first come first basis based on the selection criterion).

icon1 For registration and more information, view the training flyer here.