Urban-LEDS I Newsletter #7
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Urban-LEDS I Newsletter #7

The Urban-LEDS project promotes low-emission urban development strategies in emerging economy countries. Jointly implemented by ICLEI and UN-Habitat and funded by the European Union, it helps cities to pursue low-carbon, sustainable development. This special edition of the Urban-LEDS newsletter focuses on the European project cities and their recent achievements in terms of low emission development.


The Urban-LEDS European project cities have been selected across the wider European region for the rich diversity of their experiences on local climate action to support the 29 Urban-LEDS cities in Brazil, India, Indonesia and South Africa on their way to implement Low Emission Development Strategies. Through this South-South-North knowledge exchange, cities are sharing their experiences, supporting peer exchange and capacity development.


European cities benefit from the project by learning from one another and from innovative approaches applied by the project Model and Satellite Cities. This newsletter samples highlights from all European staff exchanges and groundbreaking European achievements. We hope you enjoy this special edition of the newsletter!